Is AJ Long the Future of the Quarterback Position at SU?

ajlongSo, the Syracuse football staff has some very real questions surrounding the quarterback position right now, but fortunately for fans of the Orange, for once it’s not a question of “is anyone good enough” but rather, “what the heck do we do when our usual starter gets back from injury?” When Terrel Hunt was sidelined with an injury, and with Austin Wilson also banged up, the reins are completely AJ Long’s. The only question now is if or when he might find himself bumped from the lineup?

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SUFB: I Believe the Children Are Our Future


Stephen D. Cannerelli | Post-Standard

Well, we went into that game against No. 1-ranked Florida State expecting a loss. And, not surprisingly, we lost. But you know what? That was one hell of an encouraging performance, at least from an offensive standpoint. Things are not exactly rosy for Syracuse, as the Orange are 2-4 and have dropped four straight, but based on the performances of some of the young guys on the Syracuse roster the future could potentially be bright. And more than that, we’re suddenly thinking that maybe earning bowl eligibility isn’t quite as farfetched as we initially thought.

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Grow Up, George McDonald


It sucks to lose your job. There’s absolutely no getting around that. It’s humiliating, and it absolutely crushes your pride and your spirit. No one will ever suggest otherwise. But there are certain ways to handle losing your job, and the way George McDonald is handling his demotion is not exactly ideal.

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The Perfect Storm of Crap for Syracuse Football

ajlongSo, as if things weren’t bad enough for Syracuse football following the last two weeks of offensive ineptitude, the last 12 hours or so have helped things go from bad to worse with the double barreled assault on the Orange with the news that there’s been a coaching staff shakeup and our starting quarterback is probably done for the rest of the season. To make things really fun, we get to host some team called Florida State on Friday, a squad that happens to be ranked No. 1 and features the reigning Heisman winner.

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Syracuse Throws its Hat Into the Ring for VJ King


For awhile now, we’ve been thinking that the Syracuse recruiting landscape at the wing position for the class of 2016 would come down to Tyus Battle and Jamal Murray. Well, there’s a new player in the game, and his name is VJ King. King, who played for the USA U17 team and recently transferred from St. Mary’s-St. Vincent’s in Ohio (you know it better as LeBron’s old school) to Paul VI in Virginia, has never seemed to be in Syracuse’s plans but apparently things have changed. One of the key factors? Well, we’re speculating, but it could just be one of his new teammates.

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