Once in awhile, it’s nice to step aside and let some other folks do the ranting and raving around these parts. That’s why today, with my Philadelphia Eagles trying to desperately to avoid an 0-3 start to the season, I thought it’d be good to let a fellow Eagles fan blow off some steam. Come on Eagles, don’t let us down. Again.


Let me first begin my noting that I am originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania, which is about 30 miles southwest of the City of Brotherly Love. So before you spin the cheesesteak eating, snowballs at Santa Claus broken record of uninformed Philly hate-speak please pause. Having grown up in the Delaware Valley during the ’90s my support for the Philadelphia pro sports teams burgeoned amidst years of baseball futility, basketball irrelevance, and inconsistent football performance. Sorry, forgot about hockey – must have been all those Stanley Cups the Flyers didn’t win.

Very little embodies the spirit of a true Philly sports fan more than frustration, and in recent years that monster has again reared its angry head.  Not even a decade removed from a World Series championship and having all 4 major sports teams make the playoffs, Philadelphia has quickly spiraled into a cycle of ineptitude typically reserved for low profile cities like Buffalo or Minneapolis.  The biggest difference in rooting for a team playing in a small hamlet versus a top-five media market is the expectations and this year’s Eagles team has certainly not failed to succeed in living down to theirs so early in the season.

At 0-2, the Eagles statistically have about a 13% chance to make the postseason, which is pretty depressing considering the season is only two weeks old. What’s more depressing is the manner in which theses games have played out. After two sloppy performances, this Eagles fan would like to vent some early frustrations to the readership base that stumbles upon this article.

If I were Chip Kelly, I would walk into the meeting room, agenda in-hand looking for blood. The reality is that not one single player on his “high-octane” offense has shown one bit of promise. Sam Bradford can’t throw a pass on target, which doesn’t really matter considering his top wideout, Jordan Matthews, couldn’t catch it anyway. Not like Josh Huff, Nelson Agholor, or Riley Cooper would be better alternative targets (I’m not sure they’ve so much as suited up these first two games) for the only NFL quarterback with a jersey and set of pads that fits worse than a flannel shirt on a scarecrow. Maybe Bradford would do better scaring off birds than completing passes to them.

It’s not like the running backs have provided a better option to the aerial attack. DeMarco Murray has apparently yet to gain a positive yard, Ryan Matthews has yet to get off the sideline and Darren Sproles has been forced to attempt to shoulder the special teams workload because that unit sucks, too. Just wait until the injury report starts to build and the backups find their way onto the field – you haven’t seen brutal yet!

While the outlook for the remainder of the season does not look bright, this Eagles fan has not thrown in his towel yet. It ain’t over till it’s over, a famous sports legend (RIP, Yogi) once quipped, and in the case of the 2015 NFL season, it surely isn’t over. Players’ ACLs are tearing easier than tissue paper and Tony Romo has already shattered his collarbone.

The NFC East is still up for grabs. And I for one am not ready to discard my Eagles jersey in disgust – even if Nike still can’t figure out how to properly screen print midnight green.

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