I know, the only update anyone wants at this point is whether or not he’ll be at Syracuse. But let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on with Andrew White, particularly in light of a couple developments Saturday.

First things first: Andrew White could absolutely make a decision at any time. This is one of the most off the grid recruitments in recent memory, though, and we’re not likely to really know anything until he wants us to know something.

The 6-foot-7 swingman from Nebraska (by way of Kansas) was spotted at Richmond today, reportedly on a “visit” though I’m not actually convinced that’s what it was. First, because it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a player looking to position himself for the NBA Draft to go from Kansas, to Nebraska, to Richmond. That’s kind of going in the opposite sort of trajectory, don’t you think?

A friend with a connection to the family, however, tells me that it’s not uncommon for the Whites to shoot around in the Richmond gym. That’s where the family is from, after all. From what I’m told, Andrew and his brother, Andrien (who plays at Charlotte) will sometimes drop by to use the gym of their hometown team.

Obviously, Richmond isn’t the only local school that could play a spoiler, though. I said early on that VCU was my dark horse to land White, and it’s still a possibility. Keep in mind: I absolutely think that White is still more than likely to wind up at Syracuse. But VCU wouldn’t be a completely out of the question landing spot, especially after Mike Waters reported tonight that the Rams are indeed reportedly a contender for White’s services.

VCU isn’t exactly going to be a national showcase for White, but he could also do a lot worse. The Rams have made the NCAA Tournament six years in a row (and nine of the last 13 years). They’ve finished ranked in the final AP Top 25 in two of the last three years. They haven’t won fewer than 24 games in the past decade. In other words, VCU may not be a “major” but they’re one of the absolute best of the mid-majors.

But I’d be surprised if White settles for anything less than a national spotlight program. And as Jon Rothstein reported tonight, Michigan State is out. That’s a program that never made a lot of sense to begin with, frankly. The Spartans are loaded on the wing, and White would have to fight for minutes.

So, again…that leaves Syracuse as the top contender. Obviously, there are some hurdles right now, based on what I’ve been told. Communication – despite what you may have heard or read here and there – still leaves something to be desired. Without getting into details, just know that’s a fact right now. Hopefully, it gets remedied soon.

Once it does, the Orange really do continue to make by far the most sense for Andrew White. It’s a perfect fit for both sides. Syracuse needs a shooter. White needs a more high profile, national title contender-type team to showcase his talents for NBA scouts. It’s a win-win situation.

But, we’ll see what happens. A commitment could come at any time, but it’s important to note there’s no real deadline in place. Graduate student registration at Syracuse runs from August 1 to September 6. There haven’t been any ultimatums put in place by the Syracuse coaching staff, so don’t be surprised if this drags out another week, or maybe even two. Then again, don’t be surprised if Andrew White makes an announcement at 4:27 AM tomorrow night/Monday morning.

Basically, the one thing we should all be taking away from the way this has played out: don’t be surprised by anything, at this point.

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