It’s been a bit of a rough fall for Syracuse University fans, and one of the toughest parts has been seeing the relatively sparse crowds in the Carrier Dome. While we continue hoping that the sight of the crowds at the Dome improve in the near future, the overall look and structure of the Carrier Dome may be changing over the next several years as well.

For the past month or two, rumors have persisted throughout the Syracuse community, with much of the speculation being driven by insiders on who have shared some insights into what might be coming down the pipeline for not just the Carrier Dome, but the University as a whole. And apparently, as long as the money is there, they’ve pretty much officially gone from “rumors” to “plans.”

It seems that the University is beginning to show presentations of a 25-year plan for the evolving framework of the Syracuse campus, which does include the Carrier Dome undergoing a massive, state of the art renovation. posted a breakdown of proposed Dome renovations not too long ago, with a dollar amount somewhere in the range of $400-$500 million. Obviously, that’s a pretty obscene amount of money, but knowing that more than just the Carrier Dome is going to be undergoing change in that part of campus it may be that the $500 million price tag for renovations could include more than just the ironically named place that doesn’t actually have air conditioning, ha ha, keep cracking that joke, ESPN.

Hopefully, things will become a bit more concrete over the next few weeks, or at least by the end of the calendar year, because this could provide a major shot in the arm for Syracuse University and the teams that play inside the Dome. One of the big selling points for recruiting in the 1980s for both basketball and football was the novelty of the Carrier Dome, but that’s obviously gotten a bit stale over the 35 years the building has been open. A massive undertaking like this – which would include, among other things, majorly improved locker room areas, concourses, and so forth – could put the Dome back on the map and really be an enormous selling point to both football and hoops recruits.

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