In general, sports are a “what have you done for me lately” endeavor. Fans only care about what’s shiny and new, and what is shiny and new in the world of football recruiting is quickly forgotten between National Signing Day and the first day of fall practice. That might be the case with Eric Dungey, the talented Oregon native who was the first quarterback to commit to Syracuse University during the 2015 recruiting cycle.

Since committing to the Orange, Syracuse fans have moved on to other prospects to chat and debate and wring their hands over – transfers like John O’Korn, additional diamond in the rough prospects like Kenterius Womack, and finally, 2016 recruiting prospects like Anthony Brown and Jamie Newman. Newman, by the way, just recently committed to Wake Forest, making Brown once again the focal point at the position in the class of 2016.

And you see? Again, we’ve already forgotten about Dungey because we’ve had him in the bag for so long that we start to look past him toward what else is on the horizon. And we may be making a mistake by not paying enough attention to him, because Syracuse looks like its getting one heck of an intriguing talent out of the Beaver State.

I’ve been a big fan of Dungey’s film since I first watched it, and so has my Otto’s Grove colleague, Justin Roe. At 6-foot-4, Dungey has great size, and he’s also a heck of an athlete. He’s a standout for his high school basketball team, and pictures and videos of him throwing down some impressive dunks have been floating around among Syracuse fans since the winter.

Along with being a terrific athlete, he’s also an outstanding student. You don’t get offers from schools like Harvard, Yale, Navy, and Air Force unless you can cut it in the classroom. And let’s be honest – having a scholar is always preferable for the quarterback position whenever possible.

Watching Dungey’s film, the biggest thing that stands out is his athleticism, in particular when it comes to running the ball. He has better than average speed, but the most impressive thing is his tremendous footwork and, frankly, just unbelievable balance. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a high school quarterback run with balance that Dungey does, consistently staying on his feet and moving in the direction he wants to go no matter how many times he gets hit or bumped. In terms of how he uses the assets of footwork and balance when it comes to running the football, I would label that part of Dungey’s game as truly elite.

But obviously, running the ball is a minor part of playing the quarterback position. One of the things that you notice in watching highlights of high school quarterbacks is that a lot of the longer passes that get included kind of float a bit or are a little underthrown, but that’s not really the case in watching Dungey’s senior film. Obviously, these are highlights. They aren’t going to show many bad throws, but even so, his arm strength looks good, and in the plays shown he does a nice job of leading the receiver and putting plenty of zip on his passes so that they don’t float, and the receiver never has to break stride or wait on a pass to haul it in. One of the best throws that Dungey makes in his senior highlights comes at about the 2:45 mark, firing about a 28 yard strike to the endzone sideline, placing it with perfect accuracy where only his receiver can get it with two defensive backs in close proximity.

Check out his highlights for yourself, and I think you’ll see a prospect worth paying close attention to. The Orange seem to have found a really impressive talent, and between Dungey, Womack, and hopefully Anthony Brown, the future of the quarterback position looks pretty bright for Syracuse, Scott Shafer, and Tim Lester.

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