Well, another Saturday is upon us, and we’ve already got a couple Top 25 games under our belts. North Carolina knocked off Pittsburgh, and TCU rolled past West Virginia in a game in which even Dana Holgorsen was so impressed by the Horned Frogs that he had to laugh and high five them during the game. Obviously, Syracuse University football fans only care about the game against FSU, but let’s take a look around the nation at a few other matchups as well, shall we?

12 Oklahoma State (7-0) at Texas Tech (5-3)

You know what? I’m going to kick things off with a bang. I’m a man, I won’t be 40 for another five years, but I’m still going to take a stand and call for an upset. Yes, the Red Raiders just got housed by Oklahoma last week, but I think Tech has the horsepower to hang with OSU. I’m calling it right now: Texas Tech 41, Oklahoma State 38.

9 Notre Dame (6-1) at 21 Temple (7-0)

That’s not a typo: Temple is undefeated, and ranked in the top 25. While it’s not a typo, we may in fact be living in a bizarro world. I’ll try to do a little research and get back to you. In the meantime, Temple is a nice story but they have played basically no one this year. When your most impressive wins are against a lousy Penn State, a meh Cincinnati, and a 4-4 East Carolina, I’m not impressed. The Irish spoil things in Philly, 27-10.

8 Stanford (6-1) at Washington State (5-2)

Don’t look now, but Mike Leach has some pretty solid momentum at Washington State. After a perplexing loss to Portland State (…who?) in the season opener, his squad’s only other loss is to Cal, with wins against Oregon, Rutgers, and Arizona mixed in. That said, I don’t think they have the juice to pull off the upset. I’m going with Stanford, 38-31.

Miami (4-3) at 22 Duke (6-1)

Miami is an absolutely shit show right now. I’m not sure I’m convinced Duke is as good as their record and ranking would suggest, but they’ll still handle the Hurricanes. Let’s go with the Blue Devils taking this one at home, 31-14.

3 Clemson (7-0) at NC State (5-2)

I haven’t exactly been hiding the fact that I think NC State is a lot worse than their record suggests. They’re the very definition of a paper tiger thanks to their absurdly bad early season schedule. Meanwhile, Clemson is proving to be a legitimate national title contender. I think we all know how this one will play out. Clemson 48, NC State 13.

Virginia Tech (3-5) at Boston College (3-5)

If there were any way for both teams to lose, this would be the game I think it could happen. These are two lousy football teams, and BC might wind up starting a freshman walk-on at quarterback tomorrow. Their offense is already historically bad, which almost makes you feel for a stellar defense. Almost. In a battle of ineptitude, I’m going to take the Hokies winning by a score of 13-6.

Georgia Tech (3-5) at Virginia (2-5)

Another terrible game in the ACC, between a couple of lousy teams. Virginia has played pretty much everyone tough this year, but Georgia is just playing better right now. I think there’s a chance for a huge letdown for the Ramblin’ Wreck after knocking off FSU last week, but I still think they pull out the 24-17 win.

Syracuse (3-4) at 17 Florida State (6-1)

If Georgia Tech hadn’t knocked off FSU last week, I’dĀ almostĀ be willing to pick an upset for the Orange, especially given how banged up the Seminoles are right now. There’s no Dalvin Cook, his primary backup is also out, and there are injuries on defense and the offensive line. Everett Golson is also roughed up and, while he’s projected to start right now, Jimbo Fisher admitted that could change. The recipe is there for Syracuse to pull off the big time upset. But unfortunately, I think FSU will be too pissed off after losing last week, and given the game is in Tallahassee rather than Syracuse, I’m going with my head over my heart. FSU takes down Syracuse, 34-20.

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