There may not be a human being on the planet Jim Boeheim respects more than his good friend Mike Krzyzewski, whose last name I literally just had to copy and paste to make sure I got it right. So when Coach K earned his 1,000th career victory on Sunday with a win over St. John’s in Madison Square Garden, it was no surprise that Jimmy B would have a word or two of congratulations. And it’s even less of a surprise that Boeheim’s special message included some mild sarcasm, because Boeheim’s gonna Boeheim.

The best part about the message is that Jim starts out mixing sentimentality with subtle jabs and doesn’t let up, talking about how good a coach his friend is while simultaneously calling him an old man. It’s really a master class in Boeheimism, which is a new term I’m inventing at this very moment that basically means “the art of giving snarky backhanded compliments that are really hiding deep affection.”

Boeheim, who is almost certainly going to follow his friend’s footsteps in becoming just the second Division I coach to hit 1,000 victories (probably within the next 2-3 seasons), had to get in a dig about Coach K recently borrowing the 2-3 zone defense that he no doubt saw perfected during the duo’s time together with Team USA. And Jimmy B being Jimmy B, of course he followed up that jab with a nice little uppercut about Coach K’s man defense.

Coach K’s 1,000th win is unbelievably impressive, and as Jimmy B has noted, he shows no signs of slowing down. And while he’s the first coach to have reached 1,000 victories at the Division I level, Jimmy B can still get to 1,000 wins at a single school first. Coach K currently has 927 of his 1,000 victories at Duke (the other 73 came at West Point), while Boeheim has all 962 of his victories in Syracuse.

And we all know that as soon as Boeheim hits that 1,000 victory mark, he’ll have a snide remark at the ready to remind his good friend about this fact. Frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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