Oh, boy.

By now, you’ve certainly heard about the boneheaded move that the Syracuse University athletics department made today during the jersey retirement ceremony for Louis Orr and Roosevelt Bouie, a.k.a. the Louie and Bouie Show. The pair helped launch Jim Boeheim’s career at Syracuse, racking up more than 100 victories in their four seasons on the Hill while each scoring more than 1,500 points.

Unfortunately, someone in the SU athletics department has no clue who Roosevelt Bouie is. Somehow, some way, the commemorative, framed jersey that was presented to the legendary Orange center was misspelled as “Bowie.”

Either whoever was in charge (and the SUAD isn’t naming names, which isn’t exactly surprising) is completely unfamiliar with one of the most legendary players in Syracuse history, or just had Ziggy Stardust on the brain when they were putting in the order for the jersey.

To make matters worse, the chief of athletics communications, Joe Giansante, didn’t have any good reason for what might have happened, or why no one bothered to double check the jersey to make sure it was kosher before taking it to a ceremony, where it would be presented in front of 30,000 fans – probably 28,000 of which knew how to spell Bouie correctly.

“It was not something that — how can I say it — it wasn’t something that you’d think would need to be looked at beforehand. There were a lot of people surprised. It was an honest, human mistake. It was a Snickers’ commercial come to life.” – Joe Giansante

I’m sorry, but how on earth is that something that you don’t bother to check? It’s not like we’re talking about a name like Smith, or Brown. Yes, someone working in the Syracuse athletics department should know how to spell Roosevelt Bouie’s name, so a mistake like this should never happen. But why the hell does anyone leave even the slightest amount of doubt that a screw up could happen? But according to Giansante, a second set of eyes never hit the jersey’s spelling. Not just when the jersey was ordered – but right up until the ceremony actually began!

How the hell does that happen? How does Daryl Gross, or Giansante, or anyone not even get curious about how the framed memento looks before they actually took it out onto the court?

All I can say is that I certainly hope that they double check whatever it is they have planned to give to Rakeem Christmas on Senior Night. God forbid he walk out of the Dome after his final game toting a framed jersey for a guy named “Chanukah.”

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