The Syracuse University football staff hosted more than 30 prospects over the weekend, and based on their reactions it seemed only natural that a verbal commitment or two might come out of the coaching staff’s effort. Well, the first verbal commitment of the class of 2016 is in, and it comes from Cam DeGeorge.

DeGeorge kind of came out of nowhere on us, with the news that he had even received an offer being broken on the message boards by John Brewer, Shy Cullen’s stepdad, over the weekend. And now, just a couple of days later, DeGeorge is the first pledge in the class of 2016.

DeGeorge is a 6-foot-5, 275 pound offensive lineman and defensive end, though he’s being referred to as an offensive tackle by most people at this point. Syracuse got off and running last year with a couple of early offensive linemen verbals from Sam Clausman and Colin Byrne, and the Orange are starting out the 2016 cycle much the same way, it would appear.

DeGeorge is a Lynnfield, Massachusetts native who has been flying a bit under the radar through the early stages of his recruitment. His biggest offer other than Syracuse appears to be Temple, though people are already saying that he reminds them of Steven Clark in terms of being a lesser known kid who should blow up through his senior season as more schools start to discover him and see what he can really do.

Take a look at his highlights above. DeGeorge looks like a big, powerful kid who clearly enjoys hitting people, and has solid quickness and agility for a guy his size.

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