I’m gonna be honest here: that was a little bit of a disappointing episode of Hard Knocks, and I’m becoming more and more convinced that, sadly, our guy Cameron Lynch will remain a background player. Yeah, he popped up here and there, and got one pretty solid “hero shot” walking in slow motion as the only person in frame, but the stories being followed, so far, don’t include him.

By the way, here’s that “hero shot” I was talking about:

Other than that, it was a pretty minimized presence for Cam, who could be spotted on the sideline toward the end of the team’s first preseason game against the Cowboys. But really, this week’s episode of Hard Knocks followed the extremely familiar script of a typical Hard Knocks episode.

  • There was the crafty veteran QB (Case Keenum) looking to hold off the hot shot rookie (Jared Goff)
  • There was a fiery rookie trying to make his mark, only to go down to an ACL injury (Brian Randolph)
  • There was the unknown young wideout who came from nowhere to have a big game (Nelson Spruce) – this is also known as the guy who, if he makes the roster, will have fans of the show tricked into drafting him for their fantasy teams in the 15th round

Honestly, that’s really about it. It wasn’t a particularly eventful episode, and while it’s still enjoyable, it’s tough to make a television episode memorable or compelling when it features an extended scene with Jeff Fisher telling his team how to stand for the national anthem.

You know what would make for much more compelling TV, though? More Cameron Lynch. Get on it, HBO.

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