Chris McCullough - Joshua S. Kelly

For awhile there was speculation that, particularly with his issues moving from one school to another last year, Chris McCullough may stand the risk of being an academic casualty. However, we can all start rejoicing – Chris McCullough has received a qualifying ACT score, meaning that Beast Mode will be unleashed in the Dome next season.

So what does this mean for Syracuse basketball? Well, it means that one of its most coveted and promising signees of the past decade will be ready to rock the Dome and be on the receiving end of what we have to imagine will be a copious amount of alley-oops from fellow incoming freshman Kaleb Joseph next season. With the departures of CJ Fair, Jerami Grant, and Baye Keita in the front court, getting McCullough qualified was absolutely essential.

We’ve already talked about how good McCullough could be down the road. Now let’s just sit back and watch as the Beast gets unleashed (NSFW language below):

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