The Syracuse University football staff brought in several good looking prospects as part of the recruiting class of 2015 to shore up the defensive line, and now the Orange are looking to add even more depth to the middle of the line with defensive tackle Christian Colon. Along with being a terrific talent, Colon could also serve as yet another big domino to fall as Scott Shafer looks to put together his best recruiting class to date.

Colon is another member of the Washington friendship-tree, having grown up playing with Robert Washington and Moe Neal in the Charlotte area. The 6-foot-4, 290 pound tackle is one of the most highly sought after defensive linemen in the state of North Carolina, with offers from big time programs like Notre Dame, Penn State, South Carolina, West Virginia, North Carolina, Louisville, Maryland, and Boston College, along with a few others. Syracuse offered a few weeks ago, and suddenly the prospect of stealing the big run stuffer seems higher than many would have guessed.

In an interview with’s Stephen Bailey, Colon came out and confirmed what many of us have been speculating on for awhile now: Robert Washington could wind up being the lynchpin to one of the most talented classes in recent memory at Syracuse University. As Colon told Bailey, “I’d do it. It’s just getting other players to do it. I’d love to do it. But at this time in my recruitment, I’m not ready to commit yet.”

Another big link in the chain is Moe Neal, whose decision Colon referenced as having a big impact on his own. More or less, Colon suggested that if Neal were to commit to Syracuse along with Washington, it’d almost be too good to pass up. Colon is planning on visiting campus soon, mentioning wanting to head to upstate New York with Washington and potentially a few of the other big time recruits the Orange are currently pursuing. Jared Mayden, for example, is another player who has mentioned wanting to visit with Washington in the past.

It could be argued that last year’s defensive line haul was the most promising group in the class of 2015, with several talented defensive tackles in that mix. It’s easy to look at a potential defensive tackle rotation that includes Steven Clark, Tyler Cross, and Christian Colon and get very, very excited about the potential up the middle of the line.

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