Okay, this is the wildest of wild speculation, but stick with me here. The Syracuse University football team has been searching for consistency at the quarterback position since Ryan Nassib graduated. The Orange have several intriguing prospects – Kenterius Womack, Eric Dungey, and new commit Rex Culpepper – but by at least sending out feelers for John O’Korn, the staff showed they’re open to looking into transfers. Enter Jacob Park.

Park, a 6-foot-4, 200 pound signal caller who starred on the South Carolina high school landscape, has announced he’s leaving the University of Georgia. The former 4-star talent redshirted this past year, after having been an Elite 11 finalist as a high school senior. So why am I suggesting it may be in Syracuse’s best interest to reach out to the big time transfer?

Because while he grew up in South Carolina and stayed in the south by picking Georgia, Park is actually a native of upstate New York. Specifically, he was born in Watkins Glen, and even has a New York Yankees tattoo. When it comes to a fit in Tim Lester’s new offense, well, it looks like Park would almost certainly be a strong fit. Lester seems to be targeting mobile QBs who can still throw the ball, and Park certainly fits the bill, having been compared to elite talents like Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick.

Now, chances are Syracuse won’t get involved with Park, and in fact it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if he winds up following former Bulldog offensive coordinator Mike Bobo to Colorado State. But it feels like it’s at least worth sending out feelers to see if Park would be interested in joining the Orange Revolution in upstate New York, as returning to his roots may actually be somewhat enticing to the Southern gunslinger who’s a Yankee deep down.

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