CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – A local sports fan has been left shattered by his favorite team’s recent run of bad luck on the basketball court, sources have confirmed. Terry Ozerski, 42, has reportedly been wearing his lucky pair of socks for each of the team’s last six games, only two of which have resulted in victories. Ozerski also has allegedly not shaved his late season good-luck beard in the past three weeks.

“I don’t get it, to be honest with you,” said Ozerski. “I’ve had this pair of socks for years, and they’ve never really let me down like this. We usually win, like, at least seventy percent of the games when I’m wearing them.”

In an effort to bolster his team’s chances in a recent rivalry game, Ozerski reportedly repeated his breakfast and lunch routines from the day of the team’s last victory, which came on February 13. Witnesses at the local diner where Ozerski ate lunch confirmed that he received the same order of a cheeseburger, medium rare, with steak fries, along with a large Diet Pepsi.

“I feel like I’m really letting the team down right now,” said Ozerski. “It’s a team game, I know, but I’m just not carrying my weight. I need to step things up before we get into the conference tournament. I don’t want to be the reason we don’t get a ticket to the Big Dance.”

Ozerski plans on continuing to wear his lucky socks, though he admits that years of wear and tear may be responsible for their recent decline in performance.

Requests for comment were derisively laughed off by members of the team’s coaching staff.

Bub Hooper - Ace Reporter
Bub Hooper – Ace Reporter

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