That headline doesn’t really work in text form, does it? Ah well. Dino Babers is continuing the media circuit today up in Bristol, and this morning dropped by to have a fairly brief chat on Mike and Mike.

I’d be lying if I said there was anything particularly revelatory in the interview, because by now it’s abundantly clear that Dino isn’t one to get into many specifics in the preseason. On top of that, Mike and Mike weren’t exactly asking the tough questions or even really asking about Syracuse football at all.

In essence, it was a quick meet and greet that, while not doing a lot in terms of getting info out about this year’s Syracuse squad, did serve to make the national audience more aware of what the Orange have in Babers. And that’s an entertaining guy with a story for every situation.

The interview touched on Dinosaur Barbecue (hence the title of this post), with Babers bringing some of the restaurant’s famous sauce to Mike Golic. From there, they talked a little bit about what it’s like being the football coach at a school primarily known for basketball. Dino, who’s certainly been getting up to speed on his Orange history, was quick to point out the storied tradition and just a few of the great players who’ve passed through the program.

Some of the biggest sports news of the morning revolves around Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, making it quite the coincidence that immediately after discussing Gordon’s reinstatement at length, the very next guest on the show was Babers. As in, the guy who coached Gordon at Baylor. Obviously, the Mikes asked the former Baylor wide receivers coach his opinion on the troubled receiver.

Finally, the conversation turned to another NFL storyline and suspension: the New England Patriots. More to the point, Jimmy Garoppolo, who played QB for Babers at Eastern Illinois and is in line to start the first four games of the season because of that whole thing about Tom Brady messing with his balls.

Of course one of the highlights was Babers comparing Garoppolo to William Tell, a reference that probably went flying over the heads of “kids these days” but served his point about the quarterback’s accuracy well. In all, it was a solid – if uninformative (from a Syracuse fan’s perspective) chat with our charismatic and affable new head coach. Check it out.

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