Well, this was certainly unexpected. Graduate transfer Geno Thorpe has left the Syracuse basketball program, per the official SU men’s hoops Twitter account.

Thorpe, a 6-foot-4 guard who came to Syracuse from South Florida and who was expected to make a significant contribution this season, leaves the program after six games in which he saw his playing time fluctuate pretty dramatically depending on the game. For example, in the team’s game against Maryland, he got just four minutes of action, right after having played 21 minutes against Toledo.

The biggest area where this hurts, obviously, is in terms of depth. After Tyus Battle and Frank Howard, the Orange were already extremely thin at the guard position. Now, Howard Washington – who has only appeared in three games this year, logging a total of 20 minutes – is the only scholarship guard on Jim Boeheim’s bench.

Thorpe had a few flashes here and there, but his limited minutes (around 14 per-game) and production (6.0 points while shooting 36.8% from the field and just 28.6% from three) is hopefully something nothing the Orange can’t overcome with relative ease. Obviously, this means Howard Washington will get a bit more playing time than was expected previously, but mostly it just means that Battle and Howard are both going to be playing easily more than 35 minutes-per-game the rest of the way.

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