As if you actually needed another reason, some kid whose parents clearly never said “no” enough when he was growing up just gave you one more, because it’s getting closer and closer to the holiday season and the one thing that every Syracuse University fan wants is more reasons to loathe the University of Connecticut.

Deadspin has a great breakdown of what happened when this world class douche decided that it was his right as an American to get some mac and cheese, but the full video is below anyway. As a wise man once said, “F UConn.”

When do we play them again, by the way? Not soon enough. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve missed hating UConn on the regular. This kid is kind of a hero, when you think about it, filling in for the Jim Calhouns, Khalid El-Amins, Jake Voskuhls, and Shabazz Napiers of the world.

Man, I really hate UConn.

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