Breaking news out of Guntersville, Alabama. chatted briefly this morning with current Syracuse defensive tackle commit, Steven Clark, who was open about a new school coming into the picture.  With Steven being from the south, it was only a matter of time before SEC schools started taking notice, and that is exactly what has happened.

Steven told Otto’s Grove this morning that he will be taking an official visit to the University of Florida on January 23.  The Gators have not yet offered, but could possibly do so on the official visit.  If the Gators offer, will that make Steven step back and rethink things? 

“I don’t think so,” Steven told us. “They’re coming on to me, but no offer. I’ll take the visit, but it’s nothing serious”.

Regardless, it’s something for Syracuse fans to pay attention to. The Florida Gators only have eight prospects committed for the class of 2015 under new head coach Jim McElwain.

Don’t forget to check out our thoughts on Steven Clark.

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