Just when you thought that the Syracuse University football coaches were done recruiting for 2015, a new name has popped up on the radar. Kenterius Womack, a 6-foot-3 athlete from Alabama, will be visiting Syracuse tomorrow according to numerous reports. He’s visiting Michigan on Friday. So, who is Kenterius Womack?

Womack is a 6-foot-3, 185 athlete who could wind up playing quarterback or wide receiver, or figure in the secondary of any of the schools currently chasing up. Hailing from Luverne, Alabama, also excels on the baseball field and is so under the radar that he seems to have only recently been added to the recruiting directory, with interest shown as being from Michigan and Syracuse – not so coincidentally, the two schools he’ll be visiting this week.

With a reported time of 4.47 in the 40, and going by his highlight reel, he’s a hell of an athlete who could see the field at multiple positions. This is pretty much the definition of a diamond in the rough prospect, and considering the fact that Jim Harbaugh is going after Womack, it’s safe to say that he’s certainly got the athletic talent to play at a high level.

There’s really not a lot more known about Kenterius, but we’ll let you know whatever we hear about this new recruit and his interest in Syracuse. In the meantime, check out Womack’s highlights in anticipation of his visit to Central New York:

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