It’s the middle of the week, and we figured you could use a little humor. If you’re a Syracuse fan, chances are you could use a lot of levity right now with the NCAA’s decision on what to do about Syracuse’s alleged academic and other internal issues expected at just about any time now. So sit back, forget about the fact that SU is 14-7, and even if you have to think about the upcoming punishment from the NCAA, think about it and laugh.

Because honestly, if you can’t laugh at it, you’ll cry about it. And that just makes things awkward.

Oh, and by the way – the above clip is mildly NSFW with a touch of salty language and a few drug references.

Oh, and by the way one more time – we were going to put up a screen shot, but thought better of putting a picture of Hitler on the site. Enjoy the slightly less evil Fab Melo, instead!

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