Recruiting is in full swing at this point despite the dead period still being in place for the next few days, and the Syracuse Orange coaching staff is hitting things hard in the state of Florida. On Saturday they offered 3-star defensive back KJ Sails, and there’s another Sunshine State athlete they could be looking to make a move on soon: Hussein Howe.

Howe is a 5-foot-10, 185 pound athlete who could wind up playing either running back or corner at the next level, and boasts offers from Utah, Louisville, Mississippi State, Duke, Wisconsin, East Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Western Michigan, among others. I mention Western Michigan because with the recent hires of former Broncos coaches Mike Hart and Vinson Reynolds, we may see the Orange coaching staff start looking at WMU targets the same way we’ve seen former Bowling Green commits find their way onto the radar.

Tonight, there was a little bit of movement to support the idea that Howe might become a target, as Kim McCloud followed the electric athlete, while Howe returned the favor by following both McCloud and Dino Babers. Of course Syracuse fans will do well to keep in mind that he’s also been following an awful lot of Maryland coaches, including former SU head coach Scott Shafer, so the Terps may be throwing their hat into the ring as well.

The Jacksonville native from University Christian is an exceptional athlete with a good build and elite agility and quickness, and whether he plays on offense or defense at the next level, he’s got a chance to be a playmaker. If he winds up playing corner, he’ll be one of those players you’ll love to watch after picking off a pass, because he’ll use his speed and elusiveness for some big returns. 247Sports rates him as the 37th best corner in the class of 2016. And if he sticks at running back, he shows a good ability to find holes and burst through them with outstanding acceleration.

It’s worth pointing out that he and Sails appear to be friends, which could help if Sails gives the Orange a good, long look – and based on his Twitter activity today, where he noted that Syracuse is the top school in the nation for his desired major (communications, obviously), it seems to be a fair bet that he will. Sails is also friends with Syracuse commit Scoop Bradshaw, so we could potentially see a bit of a domino effect come into play.

Obviously, this is all conjecture at this point, but it’s never too early in the process to start looking at players who might soon become priorities. Howe is an exciting talent, and if the Orange decide to go hard after him, he’s the type of player we’ll be very happy to have if we land him.

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