As we’ve covered before, former Syracuse Orange forward Jerami Grant has been putting together a better-than-expected rookie campaign with the abysmal Philadelphia 76ers, but because back injuries are apparently all the rage for this year’s junior class (here’s looking at you, Trevor Cooney), Grant was sidelined last night with a lower back injury.

Grant, who is averaging 6.0 points and 3.0 rebounds per game while shooting a disappointing 38.6% from the field but a far better than expected 38.8% from three, went crashing to the ground in the first half against the Orlando Magic. Grant was officially diagnosed with a “low back contusion” after scoring seven points in 10 minutes of action against the Magic.

As the Post-Standard points out, this isn’t the first time Grant has dealt with back issues, having been banged up last season due to a similar issue. This injury comes a couple days after one of Grant’s best performances of the year, having recently scored 16 points, grabbed five rebounds, and handed out three assists against the Indiana Pacers on Friday.

It could be worse, though. Jerami could still be playing for the worst, most embarrassing team in the NBA.

Oh, right. He’s one of the few assets that wasn’t traded.

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