Ever since word came out that Houston quarterback John O’Korn was looking for a new home, there’s been speculation he might find his way to Central New York after all. Well, after a month of speculation, O’Korn took to Twitter to let the world know where he’s heading to Michigan and to play for coach Jim Harbaugh.

Honestly, at this point it’s not a particularly big surprise that O’Korn wound up choosing the Wolverines. The former AAC Rookie of the Year started following seven different Twitter accounts related to Michigan not too long ago, so the wind was clearly blowing in the direction of Ann Arbor. O’Korn will have to sit out this next season and will be eligible to play the final two years of his career beginning in 2016.

It would have been nice to land the 6-foot-4, 220 pound pocket passer, particularly considering how shaky the Syracuse quarterback situation looked during the 2014 season. However, Terrel Hunt comes back from injury, AJ Long and Austin Wilson each gained valuable experience and will have a full offseason to learn Tim Lester’s new system, and Oregon signal caller Eric Dungey certainly looks the part on film. Not to mention, Syracuse is in the hunt for several promising quarterback recruits in the class of 2016.

Good luck to John O’Korn, though we would have liked seeing him in Orange. Let’s all just agree that, at the end of the day, at least we got to see Jameis Winston be proven wrong. And that’s something we can all enjoy.

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