We’re still obviously early in the 2016 recruiting cycle for the Syracuse University football program, but there’s certainly no harm in looking ahead at potential under the radar prospects. One such prospect is Cavosea Stinson, a 5-foot-9 cornerback from Elba, Alabama who tweeted a picture today showing letters from Syracuse, along with other programs such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Middle Tennessee, and Louisiana Lafayette.

Obviously, it’s early in the cycle and not a lot is known about Stinson at this point, but this is a prospect clearly on the Syracuse staff radar. With a reported 40 time of 4.41 from Stinson, he’s an athlete who could rapidly start ascending the board.

Stinson is also listed as a wide receiver, though at his size he doesn’t really fit into the mold Tim Lester and Bobby Acosta are really going after at this position currently. Naturally, things could change and exceptions can be made.

Watching his highlights, the thing that really stands out is his ability to accelerate, whether it’s with the ball in his hands or when he’s on defense and either tracking a pass or closing on a ballcarrier. Despite being just 5-foot-9 and 174 pounds, he shows a surprising amount of pop on his hits, as well, and doesn’t appear to be afraid of taking on runners.

It’s obviously very early in the process for Stinson, but he looks like a strong athlete with good balance and burst who could eventually emerge on the Syracuse recruiting board as a prospect to watch.

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