It’s still way too early to really be able to tell how serious Syracuse might be about Meadville, Pennsylvania running back prospect Journey Brown, but according to the 5-foot-11, 180 pound athlete’s Twitter feed, he got a visit yesterday from Orange assistant coach Tom Kaufman.

With Weston Bridges off the board, Syracuse is clearly looking for other options at running back. Tayon Fleet-Davis still remains the top back on the board for the Orange, and there are some other names in the mix, like Davion Johnson and Jon Lovett, but Syracuse will continue to search for talented prospects. Brown is in the interesting situation of having made national headlines last year, while also flying almost entirely under the radar right now.

Last season, Brown rushed for 722 yards and 10 touchdowns…in a single game. He finished the year with nearly 2,500 yards and 35 touchdowns on the ground, but it was that one game – a game that finished with a score of 107-90 – that garnered him attention from ESPN. He set the Pennsylvania single-game rushing record, and fell just shy of the national record of 754 yards. And it’s not like he was doing this with 50 or 60 carries, either. He did it on only 30 carries, an average of more than 24 yards-per-carry in the game.

It’s easy to see why Syracuse might be intrigued. He also runs track for Meadville, and according to MaxPreps had a time of 11.1 in the 100 meter and 22.29 in the 200 meter events. He’s got pretty good speed, and is a long striding runner with potential home run capabilities, judging by his junior year highlights.

We’ll have to wait and see how much interest Syracuse has in Brown, but he’s certainly someone to keep an eye on, if for no other reason than to see just what the hell kinds of gaudy numbers he can put up as a senior.

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