I mentioned yesterday that Syracuse is going hard after point guards in the class of 2017, with Matt Coleman and Quade Green two of the biggest names on the radar for the Orange. However, there’s another point guard worth keeping a close eye on: New York City floor general Jose Alvarado.

Alvarado, a 6-foot lead guard from Christ the King, has been a standout on the EYBL scene throughout the spring and summer. Teaming with big-time Syracuse targets like Jordan Tucker and Hami Diallo, along with highly intriguing swingman Jordan Nwora (who is also catching Syracuse’s eye), it’s no surprise the Orange are starting to pay attention. After all, they’ve seen the crafty point guard from Middle Village on the court enough.

Christ the King has sent a couple players to Syracuse, with Wendell Alexis and Jason Cipolla both counted among the alums. Other noteworthy alums of the NYC power include Speedy Claxton, Khalid Reeves, and Erick Barkley. For me, though, if we’re going to compare him to former Syracuse players, the closest that comes to mind is Tyler Ennis.

Obviously, I’m not coming out and saying Alvarado is on that level, but there are certain similarities in the way they play the game. Like Ennis, Alvarado is a savvy floor general with a strong handle and outstanding court vision. He’s a solid jump shooter and finds ways to get into the lane and finish around defenders despite not having what you’d classify as “elite” quickness. Don’t get me wrong – he’s certainly quick, but it’s clearly his ability to handle and slip through narrow lanes that allow him to get past defenders.

Alvarado has offers from the likes of Miami, Georgia Tech, St. John’s, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Xavier, and a few others. Speaking of Miami, the more I look at his highlights the more I realize another player he reminds me of: former K-State and Miami guard Angel Rodriguez. While he’s not quite at the same level as guys like Green and Coleman at the moment, there’s no question he’s a high level D1 prospect, and Syracuse would do very well to land him should those two players opt to play elsewhere at the college level.

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