On National Signing Day, things went pretty much as expected for the Syracuse University football team. Every letter of intent that was expected came across the fax machine, and there were no surprises either in turns of flips for or from the Orange. But it turns out Syracuse wasn’t done, and today they signed 6-foot-3, 185 quarterback prospect Kenterius Womack as a late addition to the 2015 class.

As recently as two days ago, not a single Syracuse fan had heard of Kenterius Womack. Until word came down that he’d be visiting Syracuse, and was also getting interest from Michigan, the athletic signal caller from Luverne, Alabama didn’t even have a profile page on Since then, however, he’s started to blow up – with a reported 50 or more schools expressing interest, after he made it through signing day without a single scholarship offer.

Of course, the fact that no one offered Womack is more a testament to how off the radar he was, rather than his ability and talent level. Watching his highlights, it’s clear that Womack is absolutely a Division I athlete, boasting a 4.47 time in the 40 and, on film at least, looking every bit that fast. The thing that stands out about Womack on his film is how agile and elusive he is, finding and quickly hitting seams and dodging defenders on his way to big gains running the football.

He also looks like he has a solid arm, which should be expected when you consider he’s also a star shortstop for the Luverne baseball team. Of course, his baseball background shows on some of his passing highlights, with his right leg coming far off the ground on some of his deeper throws – reminiscent of a pitcher firing a fastball, his back non-plant leg whipping up behind him as he completes his pitching motion. It’s not great seeing a quarterback prospect take himself off balance quite that much, but it’s also a correctable flaw to his mechanics, if he winds up staying at the quarterback position.

Womack will more than likely be given a shot at quarterback when he arrives at Syracuse, and based on comments about his being an honor student, he’s clearly a kid who should have the mental capabilities to run a high level college offense. But even if it doesn’t work out at quarterback, he’s big enough, and fast and shifty enough, to make an easy transition to either wide receiver (where he started his high school career) or defensive back (a position he played now and then throughout high school, as dictated by depth and injuries to his teammates).

Right now, the signing of Womack probably won’t impact any quarterback plans for next season’s recruiting class. We should still expect to see Syracuse go after two signal callers. After all, the Orange expected to have Alin Eduoard in January – after they’d already gotten a commitment from Eric Dungey, so Womack basically takes the spot left vacant by the quarterback from Florida (who, it should be noted, still may wind up in Orange after next season).

Womack flew under the radar because he’s from a rural area in Alabama and didn’t play against a particularly high level of competition, but watching his film there’s simply no denying he’s a legitimately impressive athlete. He looks like he could be a real diamond in the rough dug up by Scott Shafer and his coaching staff.

Welcome aboard, Kenterius.

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