Well, that didn’t take long. There’d been some speculation (by Tim Lester, no less) that true freshman Kenterius Womack would eventually be moved from quarterback to wide receiver, and just five practices into fall camp it seems to have happened, at least for now. Womack’s been praised for his arm strength but Lester has pointed to a few throwing flaws, and given his size (6-foot-1, 170 pounds) and speed (reportedly in the 4.5 range), it always made sense that he might switch to a position that takes better advantage of his athleticism.

Obviously, this could just be the staff taking a look at Womack at a different position but, considering how early the change has been made and the potential of fellow freshman Eric Dungey, don’t be surprised of Womack sticks at the receiver spot. He’s played it in the past in high school, and even in watching his high school highlights it was always apparent that he was the most dangerous with the ball in his hands, making plays in the open field with his legs. He’s a dynamic athlete and potentially terrific weapon in the passing game – just maybe catching the ball instead of throwing it.

Either way, the path to playing time is a heck of a lot faster at receiver than quarterback, given the number of question marks after Steve Ishmael. With Womack’s talent and athleticism he could very well find his way onto the field in a playmaking capacity this season, if this move holds.

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