Hey guys. Did you hear the news? It’s Selection Sunday! You probably weren’t aware. It’s not like we have anything at stake today, right?


Anyway, guys. Whether Syracuse makes the field of 68 (that still feels weird to day) or not, let’s all agree that completely screwing up an NCAA Tournament bracket is one of the rites of spring. Nothing says “summer is almost here” like doing a terrible job at picking the winners in a March Madness pool!

So why not experience the humiliation of our godawful picks together?

Sign up for the free Otto’s Grove bracket challenge on, where you can win – are you ready for this? – absolutely nothing! I know, it’s almost too good to be true.

So go on, kids. Sign up. Let’s point and laugh at one another when we pick some terrible team like, I dunno, Northwestern to make a Cinderella run.


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