Guys, I don’t know if you’re aware, but something pretty big is happening this week. It’s going to have a major impact on us as a nation as we move forward. Some huge decision are being made, and they’ll have far-reaching effects on… oh, hell. I’ll stop making an election parallel, because that’s just dumb. I’m talking about early signing for college hoops recruiting.

And honestly, the early signing period couldn’t come at a better time. Tomorrow’s going to end a long, contentious, divisive buildup with election results… that will lead to even more division and anger and hate and the hurling of so, so many obscenities by neighbor against neighbor.

So it’s great that we, as college basketball fans, have something to distract us. Wednesday kicks off the early signing period, which runs through November 16. Syracuse currently has no commitments in its class of 2017, but that’s going to change. The Orange have a number of targets set to decide where they’ll be playing their college ball within the next week and a half. For my money, Syracuse is going to land three of those players.

I’ve talked a bit about who I think we’re going to get in the past. There’s a chance that some guys who seem like they’re headed elsewhere could stun us all and pick Syracuse – with Lonnie Walker being the most likely out of those candidates – but it feels like the safest bets are the right bets.

And that brings us to my three predictions. Let’s not mess around here; let’s just jump right in…

The first is Oshae Brissett, the 6-foot-9 forward from Canada with good athleticism and a terrific motor, along with a burgeoning skill set that could potentially allow him to play a little bit of small forward down the line. Think of him as being in the Damone Brown mold, in that regard.

The second prediction is that Bourama Sidibe won’t leave campus this weekend without having committed to the Orange (and likely signing his papers while on campus). The 6-foot-10 center is still pretty new to the sport, but has a load of potential. He’s already a top 100 level player despite having played so little, based mainly on his combination of size and athleticism. He’s taking an official visit to campus this weekend. Personally, I think he’s going to be Orange by the time he leaves.

And finally, that brings us to the third, biggest (while ironically being the smallest in stature) piece of this year’s recruiting puzzle: Quade Green. The 6-foot point guard from Philadelphia has said he’ll announce his decision on November 19, which I admit initially gave me some pause. It seemed peculiar that he’d announce three days after the signing period ends.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t still be an early signing addition to this year’s class. There’s nothing to stop him from signing his papers by the 16th and then either keeping them a secret or just holding onto them until he makes his commitment official to the public at his school’s Midnight Madness event.

It’s coming down to the wire with Quade, and Kentucky remains the biggest threat. But they just hosted Shai Alexander for an official, and the prevailing winds seem to be blowing toward him as the point guard in this year’s class for the Wildcats, with Trae Young remaining another option. Green, meanwhile, has always been Syracuse’s top priority at that position, and I think he’ll reward their loyalty.

So there you have it: by the time November 20th rolls around, Syracuse will have three players signed: Oshae Brissett, Bourama Sidibe, and Quade Green. That’s my prediction for a few weeks now, and I’m sticking to it.

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