EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Local man Matt Walsh is reportedly still not running an NBA franchise, reports have confirmed. Walsh, a 28-year-old basketball fan who also dabbles in football and, if he’s team is winning, baseball, had no explanation for his lack of a position putting together a professional basketball roster.

“I just feel like some players aren’t ready for the draft, is all, and need someone to tell them that,” said Walsh, who once came in third in an eight person fantasy basketball league and almost made the fantasy football playoffs in another year. Witnesses reported seeing Walsh angrily shaking his head while scrolling through Twitter and noting all of the young basketball players he felt could really use a year or two of seasoning before turning professional.

Walsh, a cagey veteran of more than six men’s league games at his local YMCA, stated that he just didn’t see the harm in a college freshman staying an additional year in order to better hone his skills. He emphasized it had nothing whatsoever to do with his being a fan of the team and thinking about things from a selfish, fan-based standpoint.

“Not at all,” said Walsh, adding that he’d never actually met any of the players in question and was unfamiliar with their family histories and socio-economic backgrounds. “The money will still be there next season, is all I’m saying.”

Walsh chose not to comment on the new draft rules that enable underclassmen who don’t sign with agents to work out for all 30 NBA teams to see how they measure up against the competition while remaining eligible to withdraw from the draft up until May 25, presumably because he was unaware they existed.

Former Maryland Terrapins phenom Terence Morris, who stayed all four years and repeatedly saw his draft stock plummet over the course of his college career, could not be reached for comment.

Bub Hooper - Ace Reporter
Bub Hooper – Ace Reporter

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