I’ve already mentioned thinking that Mark Coyle is a home run hire for the Syracuse University athletics department, and he hammered home that belief in his introductory press conference this morning. Coyle said all of the right things and, while there are some things I’m sure people wish he would have tackled a little more head on (like whether he’s looked into Mike Hopkins as the successor to Jim Boeheim) people have to remember, the dude was only named the AD a couple days ago.

He doesn’t even officially start until July 6, and he just got to Syracuse with his family. The Board of Trustees still technically needs to approve his appointment before it becomes 100% “official.”┬áIn other words, give it some time here, folks. Let the man actually sign on the dotted line before he gets into the heart of the most pressing matters he’s faced with, like Hopkins, the NCAA investigation, the status of 44, and whether or not it’s pronounced “seeracuse” or “saracuse.”

For what it’s worth, by the way, Coyle seems to favor the “saracuse” pronunciation.

Check out his full introductory press conference above.

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