Today’s National Signing Day – were you aware? I mean, it’s not like anyone’s been talking about it lately, right? In any event, the Syracuse football family has grown by 20 players today, and while there could be a surprise later if DeVaughn Cooper shocks the world and flips to the Orange, it looks like the 2016 class is complete.

There are plenty of terrific places to find up to the minute information on the first class of the Dino Babers era, and I wrote up some thoughts for with a quick breakdown of each of this year’s 20 recruits. So hey, go read that, why don’t you?

As I said there, I don’t think we’ve seen the end of roster movement for the Orange, and it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on how things shake out as we get into spring practice and beyond. There are 64 scholarship players coming back (including some former walk-ons who were awarded scholarships last year, which could be taken back to make room for more additions), plus the 20 players who signed today. That brings us, currently, to 84 roster spots filled – one short of the scholarship limit.

Some post graduate names will begin floating around, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Orange get involved with a junior college player or two. From what I’m hearing, we can expect Syracuse to go the post graduate route if possible, and there’s one name in particular I’m anticipating the Orange getting involved with sooner than later. And I’m not even talking about Derrick Green, the Michigan running back I mentioned yesterday.

But back on track here. Check out some of the fantastic coverage being provided around the internet today (or at least the decidedly Orange colored corners of the internet) below for answers to just about every question you could possibly have about the recruiting class of 2016:’s Syracuse Signing Day HQ’s Signing Day Showcase

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