News came out today about the reason behind Syracuse University commit Moustapha Diagne’s decision to enroll in a junior college, and serves as even more proof that the NCAA is clearly looking out only for the best interest of the student-athlete. After all, how else can you explain the fact that the enormous length of time taken to determine the validity of a single course taken several years ago cost a young man up to two years of playing Division I basketball?

Clearly, the NCAA had only the best interest of Diagne in mind when they began investigating this single course that they feared would keep him below their usual academic standards for eligibility to play sports competitively for a school within their organization. That’s why they kept dragging their feet despite the fact that Diagne had an August 20 deadline to be enrolled in a college, or else he’d be unable to retain his student visa and return to the United States at all.

Obviously, this was all done because the best thing possible for a young man like Moustapha Diagne was to be jerked around and have his dream of playing Division I basketball snatched away thanks to indecision and an unwillingness to just speed things up already. Truly, the best interest of the student-athlete was at the forefronts of their minds when they figured out the correct course of action was to wait and determine a kid’s eligibility after his deadline had passed, despite the fact that it took them about a day and a half to determine that it was okay for some random Australian to reclassify up an entire year so that he would be eligible for Kentucky this season.

Certainly, they were only thinking about what’s best for Moustapha Diagne in this situation. Because the NCAA only cares about the best interest of the student-athlete.

In summation: what a crock of shit.

(If you’re curious: a non-qualifier must complete at least three semesters at a junior college before being eligible to transfer to a four-year school. A qualifier – which is what Diagne would become if the NCAA eventually decides this one, single course was in fact acceptable – can transfer to a four-year school after completing one semester at the JUCO where he’s enrolled)

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