Arguably the top remaining target on the board for the Syracuse University football staff, Moe Neal, visited campus over the past couple of days and has now set a decision date: August 1. Neal told’s Mike McAllister that the visit went about as well as can be expected, and according to a source I spoke to today who is close to the situation, the Orange should feel pretty damn good about where they sit with the talented playmaker.

If you’ve never watched Moe Neal run with the football, you’re missing out. With his build (5-foot-11, 170) and speed (verified time of 4.39 in the 40), along with his ability to catch the ball and make plays in the open field with his sensational lateral quickness, his style reminds me a bit of Reggie Bush. Obviously, that’s almost absurdly high praise, considering Bush was a Heisman Trophy winner (don’t let them tell you any differently, Reggie – you earned that Heisman, even if they made you give it back), but in terms of pure athleticism and agility, there’s definitely a similarity there.

To keep it closer to Syracuse, think of a faster, quicker version of Ervin Philips – who had an excellent freshman season for the Orange last year and is going to be one of the biggest keys to the offense this year – and you’re in the right ballpark.

Check out our…well, I guess we’ll call it “Official Otto’s Grove Highlight Reel”? …for Moe Neal right here:

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