After the rules committee proposed several big changes to improve NCAA men’s basketball recently, today it was announced that several of those changes will in fact be implemented beginning with the 2015-2016 season. Most notably is a change to the shot clock, moving from 35 seconds down to 30 to bring the men’s game in line with college women’s basketball in that regard.

That’s the biggest change that could positively impact the Syracuse University men’s basketball team, as it will give opponents even less time to poke and prod Jim Boeheim’s famous 2-3 zone defense. This is the most significant change for Syracuse, and should help the team tremendously from a defensive standpoint.

While the changes to the men’s game won’t be as drastic as the ones in the women’s game – where it’s looking likely that the games will switch from two 20 minute halves to four 10 minute quarters – it will still be a big and long overdue change for men’s basketball.

It never really made any sense for men’s college basketball to have the longest shot clock in the world, and the end result of having 35 seconds to milk on each possession has slowed down the game considerably and led to uglier performances on the court over the years.

In addition to this change, the rules committee has also agreed to alter the timeouts allowed to coaches during a game. Rather than five timeouts (in addition to the four media timeouts per half) coaches will now have only four with which to work, and no more than three can carry over to the second half of play. This also means that those long, often interminable final minutes in close games will hopefully be streamlined a bit as coaches will have fewer timeouts to work with.

One of the other big changes to timeouts is that coaches will no longer be allowed to call “live ball” timeouts. The changes to timeouts also impact other rules, such as the 10 second violation. Previously, if a ball handler was struggling to bring the ball up against pressure defense and called timeout in an effort to avoid the violation, the 10 second count would reset. This will no longer be the case, and if you call the timeout with one second left to get the ball over half court, well, that’s all the time you’ve got.

The final big change will be to the charge/block arc under the hoop, which will be pushed out an additional foot – moving from a 3-foot arc to a 4-foot arc. This is in direct response to many of the controversial block/charge calls over the past few years that almost certainly have never impacted Syracuse. Nope, never.

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