By now you already know that former Syracuse target and Houston Cougars quarterback John O’Korn announced his intentions to at least look into transferring, but until this weekend that news hadn’t been made official because Houston had yet to release him from his scholarship. Well, now it’s official. Now is when Syracuse fans can begin truly speculating whether the former AAC Rookie of the Year will be quarterbacking the Orange in 2016.

The first hint that O’Korn had officially been granted his release came from the sophomore signal caller himself, as he tweeted out a thank you to his fans in Texas for their support:

That seemed to make things pretty clear that he was granted his release, and is on the move. An article in the Houston Chronicle confirmed this news, and dropped a pretty interesting tidbit. According to sources, the most likely destination for O’Korn is either Wisconsin…or Syracuse. So now, we just sit back and wait to find out where O’Korn lands. Syracuse seems like the better fit since he’d almost certainly walk right in and start as soon as he’s eligible, while Wisconsin has a bit of a more pronounced logjam at the position.

At the end of the day, I guess it really just boils down to one thing that Mr. O’Korn has to ask himself: does he want to be a Duany Duany, or a Kueth Duany?

And for other reasons, I just thought it would be a nice time to remind John that with his help, Syracuse can begin to get back to the level that allowed for a very memorable Kickoff Classic in 1997 against a certain Midwestern opponent. If a certain elite running back decides to commit to the Orange, it could be the start of a very special offense in 2016 and 2017.

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