The Syracuse University football staff has set its sight on Florida over the past couple weeks, with numerous offers being rolled out to some of the best talent in the Sunshine State. One of those prospects is defensive end Rashad Weaver of Cooper City, who received an offer from coach Joe Adam last week. Rashad was good enough to do a little Q&A with us this morning.

At 6-foot-5 and about 245 pounds, Weaver’s long, athletic frame might remind Orange fans of another former 2-star defensive end prospect named Chandler Jones. Like Jones, Weaver uses his length and above average quickness to his advantage in both disrupting passes and getting to ball carriers in a hurry. Right now, in addition to Syracuse his most high profile offers are from Illinois, Temple, and Air Force, and he also sports offers Colgate and Lafayette. With his combination of size and athleticism, it’s easy to expect his interest to grow, particularly playing in the spotlight of South Florida football.

With his first offer coming from Air Force, it was natural to wonder if he perhaps came onto Syracuse’s radar through new tight ends coach Jake Moreland, but according to Rashad he hasn’t had any previous contact with Moreland.

OG: Right now you’re being recruited as both a defensive end and a tight end prospect at the next level. Which side of the ball would you prefer to plan on in college?

Rashad Weaver: I’m looking to play on defense at the next level. I have one offer as a tight end from Temple, the rest of my offers are to play defensive end.

OG: What would you say is your greatest strength on the field?

RW: My greatest strengths are my long arms. I bench press linemen and throw them off of me. Also I am very good at anticipating when quarterbacks are going to throw the ball to swat it down.

OG: How familiar were you with the Syracuse football program before receiving your offer?

RW: I was not very familiar with Cuses football program before this, just their basketball program.

OG: Are you looking into visiting Syracuse over the summer to check out the campus and get to know the coaches a little better?

RW: I would love to get up to ‘Cuse to visit to see if it would fit me, but it is more up to my mom and financial positioning. Because as you know, South Florida is far from New York.

OG: What’s your criteria for selecting a school?

RW: My criteria goes in this order…

1. Academics
2. Academics
3. Football
4. Vibe and feeling of campus and the people
5. My comfort at that school

OG: Have you thought about a timetable for making your decision?

RW: If all goes to plan, I plan on committing mid-to-late summer.

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