While this year’s basketball recruiting class may wind up being on the smaller side, it’s become pretty clear that the Orange are looking to add an athlete in the middle. Recently, two high-upside players have listed Syracuse among their final schools, with Nate Roberts placing the Orange in his top five and Dimon Carrigan naming SU to his top eight.

The two players are a bit dissimilar, with the 6-foot-9 Carrigan emerging as one of the elite shot blockers in the 2018 class, while possessing a pretty raw offensive game, while Roberts recently sprouted up about four inches to 6-foot-11, so he’s still growing into his body and saw his numbers dip on the EYBL circuit due to, by all accounts, playing for a guard-dominant club.

Roberts is a bit more advanced offensively than Carrigan, but there’s no question that in the rebounding and shot blocking categories, Carrigan holds a distinct edge. Syracuse has room for just one of the two post players, so this will be a situation of first come, first serve. Roberts included Syracuse in a top five that also consists of Washington, Wake Forest, Nebraska, and UConn, while Carrigan’s top eight includes Syracuse, Georgia Tech, UConn, Miami, Clemson, Houston, Texas, and Wichita State.

It will be interesting to see when each player tries to set official visits, because if it winds up that they are both favoring the Orange, it could simply be a matter of whichever player visits first ends up as part of Jim Boeheim’s 2018 recruiting class.

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