Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Just over 48 hours since the commitment of Robert Washington, word is starting to come out about some pretty big time recruits that the Syracuse University football staff is staring to set its sights on. One of the biggest names is Jared Mayden, a 4-star defensive back from Sachse, Texas.

And it’s not just Jared Mayden getting offers, either. As Stephen Bailey of the Post-Standard reported, the Orange have also offered Mayden’s younger brother, Jalen, a quarterback in the class of 2018. And if you’re wondering what any of this has to do with the commitment of Robert Washington, the answer is: everything. And it all comes back, once again, to Washington’s time with Team USA, where he played alongside and became friends with Jared Mayden. Jalen also plays for Team USA.

Bailey also reported that the Orange are starting to put on the full court press for Moe Neal, a 5-foot-10 athlete I’ve talked about a few times before. Neal is being recruited as an athlete, and projects as a hybrid/slot receiver on the college level. If I had to put any bets down, I’d wager that Syracuse has as good a shot landing Neal as anyone out of Washington’s circle of friends right now.

Obviously, there’s a long way to go and just because Mayden has now received an offer, it doesn’t exactly mean he’s going to be locked up anytime soon, or anything. But again, Bailey reported that Mayden does want to get on the Syracuse campus, which will probably happen sooner than later based on his decision timeline, which according to Bailey will come with a commitment probably in July.

Oh, and speaking of timelines? Go look at the Twitter timelines of some of these recruits and take note of a certain high profile quarterback who is paying attention to the work the Syracuse staff and Robert Washington are putting in:

If you’re wondering about offers for Jared Mayden, well, think of any power five team and they’ve almost certainly offered. At 6-foot-1, 190 pounds he has tremendous size for a cornerback, and is ranked No. 201 in the ESPN 300 for the class of 2016.

It’s a lot to keep track of right now because the offers are coming fast and furious, and it’s hard to really tell just what the interest levels of these various recruits are since in some cases, the Orange are just now getting involved. But it’s a very exciting time for Syracuse football, and the whirlwind is whipping up a lot faster than most of us probably could have anticipated.

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