Hello, team! Welcome back for the latest round of accepting our seed. Wait, that sounds wrong. Our orange seeds. Because that’s what helps oranges grow in a grove like this one. Oh whatever, here are some links to help you get through Monday afternoon.

  • Naesean Howard is not off to a great start with his suspension – TNIAAM
  • For some reason SU is the most hated college hoops team in Maine – Imgur Graphic
  • SU hoops will be on Big Monday twice, so suck on that, Maine – Post-Standard
  • ESPN’s ACC Blog doesn’t consider SU football a contender; will rue this day – ESPN
  • SU targets Jamal Murray and Howard Washington lead Canada past Australia at U17’s – FIBA
  • Nick Robinson is hurt and Alin Edouard is still absent as team heads to Fort Drum – Post-Standard
  • With autonomy in hand, should division requirements be done away with? – Rubbing the Rock

Happy Monday, Charlie Brown!

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