With the new (academic) year quickly approaching it’s becoming a much livelier time in the world of college sports. With that in mind, we figured it’s as good a time as any to start scouring the internet for stories on our beloved Orange and delivering them to you in a neat little package. Or in a daily links post, whatever.

  • DeAndre Smith has high hopes for Adonis Ameen-Moore in 2014 – Daily Orange
  • Brisly Estime is SU’s most exciting player this year – Orange Fizz
  • SU football is making a fashion statement? Sure, why not? – SU Juice Online
  • Stars don’t matter when it comes to recruiting, but it’s always nice to see our guys bumped from 2’s to 3’s – TNIAAM
  • Syracuse basketball “Elite” camp opens, and some interesting prospects are in attendance – Post-Standard
  • Syracuse men’s soccer is receiving votes in the preseason NSCAA poll – Daily Orange

And now, watch this ginger kid steal the internet today:

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