Ah, time for another Syracuse University athletics fix. Another day, another dollar, another daily dose of Vitamin C. Okay, that might not be the way that phrase actually goes, but dammit, I’m going to try to get it added to the lexicon. That, and popularizing “Pumpernickel” as an acceptable name to give a human baby.

On to the links!

Syracuse hopes injury bug stays away –

Syracuse football quarterback Terrel Hunt healthy, will work with 1st team to start spring practice –

Top high school basketball prospect Harry Giles trims list to eight, includes Syracuse –

Jim Boeheim Apologizes For “Unprofessionalism” Towards Reporter…But Why? –

How can Syracuse basketball get to 20 wins this season? –

And because I like most of you – not all of you, but most of you – I’m going to give you the funniest thing I’ve watched so far this morning. Some salty language coming your way, so a little bit NSFW:

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