Well, Syracuse University fans, it’s almost the weekend. And that means it’s almost time for the Duke University game, which by all reports has completely sold out. If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, chances are you’ll be doing a little bit of pre-gaming, so you’ll want to make sure you load up on nutrients and vitamins first to avoid a pesky hangover on Sunday. Why not get started with a healthy dose of Vitamin C right now?

On to the links!

Rakeem Christmas was swarmed by Boston College, became decoy for Syracuse in win –

Syracuse basketball freshman Chris McCullough underwent knee surgery this morning –

Orange hosting 2015 Alabama quarterback Kenterius Womack –

Tales From the Crowd: Syracuse vs. Boston College –

It’s Easy to Forget About Terrel Hunt –

By the way, I want you to do me a favor. Look at the picture I decided to use for this post. Look at the young man just over Rakeem’s left shoulder. Look at his face.

Look at it. Bask in it. Enjoy it. Let it in, swim around in it. Refresh yourself with that face. All the love you’ll ever need comes out of the look on that face. It’s everything.

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