It’s Friday, Syracuse University athletics fans, and you know what that means! Tomorrow is Saturday, of course. Seems like that should be common knowledge? Tomorrow is also Valentine’s Day, and you may still be searching for the perfect gift for that special someone, a search that can be a real struggle. Well, fear not! Do I ever have a solution for you: ignore your search and read your daily dose, instead!

Your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/cellmate will totally understand. On to the links!

Scott Shafer tells unusual story of how Syracuse found QB Kenterius Womack in rural Alabama –

Syracuse vs. Duke Basketball Preview: Q&A With Duke Basketball Report –

Freshman ineligibility? Conference commissioners at least considering it –

How Roquan Smith might end up empowering future high school football stars –

Cornell men’s lacrosse opens at Syracuse University on Sunday: 5 things to know about the Big Red –

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