Hey there, fella. How are you today? Recovering from last night’s big game? Still trying to wrap your head around why you ate so many pizza rolls, and why you ever thought it was such a good idea to do your pizza roll shopping at Costco in the first place? Well, you’ll start to feel better when you get some Vitamin C in your system.

On to the links!

Chandler Jones, Patriots win Super Bowl 49 –

Virginia Tech basketball team’s flight delayed but expected to arrive in Syracuse this afternoon –

Eric Devendorf returns to SU to get his degree –

Will college football early signing period finally pass? –

Childish Hall of Fame voting process hurts Marvin Harrison –

And if you need some laughs with a healthy dose of salty language combined with indecipherable nonsense, check out the Clueless Gamer outtakes with Marshawn Lynch, Conan O’Brien, and Rob Gronkowski:

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