Something tells me that it would never be a wise decision to tell Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim that he’s got a case of the Mondays. Of course, it might be in his best interest to remind him that men of his age need all the immune system protection they can get, and that often comes in the form of Vitamin C. So, maybe he should grab his daily dose, too?

On to the links!

Hoop Thoughts: Answering lingering questions in the Syracuse case, more –

Syracuse football OL signee Evan Adams one step closer to fulfilling promise made to dying father –

Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim discusses how he will decide the right time to retire from coaching –

SU still has much to play for despite getting short end of stick –

Instead of a fifth link, I made a late addition to the Winfred Walton All-Stars that you might not have seen if you read it early: Karlton Hines. I linked to a documentary about the would-be star for Syracuse whose life took a disastrous turn thanks to drugs, which I’ve embedded here. If you’ve got an hour, it’s worth your time:

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