People have speculated for years over how man may have evolved from primates to humans, but there’s always been a struggle to find what most have taken to calling the “missing link” in the evolutionary chain. The good news is that you’ll never have to miss any links if you check out your daily dose of Orange Seeds.

See what I did there? That’s called reeeeeally reaching for a terrible joke. On to the links, which you’ll notice are not missing at all!

Eric Devendorf’s advice to Kaleb Joseph: ‘Just go fearless to the rim’ –

Syracuse walk-on Shaun Belbey looking forward to carrying on family tradition of selflessness –

Hoops Recruiting News and Notes from Dean Francis – Otto’s World

2015 Syracuse Football Schedule: ‘This Is One Of The Best Schedules’ –

Eric Dungey Adds Depth at Quarterback for Orange –

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