ultimateorangeWell, after some time away, we’re back with the third round of Otto’s Ultimate Orangeman Challenge. I’d apologize for the delay, but I was vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard so let’s be honest, fruity beach drinks in hand is no way to take on this bold, important endeavor — or is it the perfect way?! In any event! As we probably all expected, the top seeds eight seeds have held, and we now reach the Ultimate Quarterfinal Round of the Ultimate Orangeman Challenge.

And hoo-boy, what a quarterfinal round it’s going to be! You’ve got Pearl versus G-Mac, who edged John Wallace in the last round, and Sherman Douglas versus ‘Melo, who proved that he’s awesome and that we should all feel sorry for Raf Addison, who didn’t even garner a single sympathy vote. On the other side of the bracket, we’ve got our all-time leading scorer versus our all-time leading rebounder, and Jim Boeheim’s old co-captain versus a guy who put up one of the greatest statistical single-seasons in program history before going on to appear in a couple MTV Rock ‘N’ Jock games.

Without further ado…

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