Just a few days after it looked like Syracuse would have a legitimate shot at flipping current Wisconsin commit Jake Pickard, the task was just made exponentially more difficult as Jim Harbaugh swept in from Michigan to extend an offer to the 6-foot-6 defensive end/tight end prospect. Damn you, Harbaugh.

Pickard has been on Scott Shafer’s radar for awhile, even after the New Jersey product gave a verbal commitment to Wisconsin in the fall. However, with the coaching turnover for the Badgers, Pickard has seemed ripe for the picking and unfortunately Syracuse hasn’t been the only school to notice. There’s obviously been coaching turnover at Michigan, too, but when Jim Harbaugh comes calling, a football recruit is going to listen.

Oh, and there’s also this Michigan connection for Pickard to think about:

Even though Hoke was ousted at Michigan, it still gives the talented, three-star prospect a lot to consider. Pickard was up in Syracuse over the weekend along with fellow New Jersey commits Dontae Strickland and Daivon Ellison, as well as Garden State prospect Najee Clayton and seemed to have a great time. I don’t know about you, but Pickard looks pretty good in a Syracuse jersey in this photo:

Pickard told Scout recruiting analyst Brian Dohn that he plans on making a final decision within the next week or two, and this offer from the Wolverines is certainly going to make it an interesting decision. Unfortunately with this offer from Harbaugh, the Orange might go from a flip, to being the third wheel in Pickard’s recruitment.

On the bright side, we can all just enjoy the fact that Daivon Ellison was apparently wearing pajama pants on his official visit.

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